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The Division is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Teaching Excellence Awards – for Project Awards only:


Dr Pamina Mitter and Dr Chris Kowalski (Embedding Four-dimensional Formulation: Considering historical and structural racism in mental health care delivery) – This award will enable the development and delivery of simulation education training for year 6 medical students, which situates mental health care delivery in the context of colonial history and systematic racism today.

Professor Gabriele De Luca, Dr Jonathan Attwood, Dr Gina Hadley and Dr Caz Nahman (Get your head in the game: an innovative Sports Neurology, Psychiatry, and Rehabilitation teaching session for Year 5 medical students) – This award will support the development, delivery and evaluation of a new teaching session for year 5 medical students, in which students will be supported to explore the relationships between Neurology, Psychiatry, and Rehabilitation in the engaging context of sport.

Dr Alison Convey and Dr Kate Saunders (An innovative approach to teaching reflective practice: developing a training resource for educators) – This award will support the development of a training package focused on teaching reflective practice to medical students. This resource will be targeted at educators involved at all levels of the Oxford medical course, involving the creation of high-quality filmed material and online training for both tutors and students.

Mr Andrey Nezhentsev and Miss Yva Petit (Near Peer-led Mock OSCE for Year 4 & GE Year 2 students) – This award will support the delivery of a mock OSCE to all year 4 Clinical Medicine and year 2 Graduate-Entry Medicine students, in order to support them in preparing for their first clinical examination.

Dr Delia O’Rourke and Miss Tracy Bye (Oxford Postgraduate Teaching Network (OPTN), supporting good practice in postgraduate teaching) – This award will support the facilitation of an in-person event for the OPTN with guest expert speakers, in order to facilitate deeper and more productive interactions between members of the network that will lead to collaborative work.

Dr Mehrunisha Suleman, Mr Isaac Jarratt Barnham and Dr David McCartney (The provision of peer-led essay workshops to enhance Graduate-Entry Ethics (teaching) – This award will enable the provision of small-group workshops for Graduate-Entry Medicine students, covering the essentials of essay writing, in order to give students more experience of humanities-style essay writing skills and essay marking criteria.

Dr Carrie Anderson, Dr Andrew Soltan, Dr Ali Manji and Dr Esther Park (Specialty referrals simulation workshop) – This award will facilitate the implementation of a referrals workshop for final year medical students, in which students will be supported in how to make high-quality specialty referrals.

Mr Jon Mason, Dr Damion Young and Dr Barbara Zonta (Technology Enhanced Student Evaluation of Teaching) – This award will support the collection of student feedback through evaluation surveys, assessing technological approaches to the collection in-class evaluation surveys from students; comparing completion rates for in-class, online surveys with out-of-class, online surveys; and trialling the approach of providing feedback to students - on formative assessment performance only - on completion of out-of-class, online surveys.

Dr Mark Roberts, Prof Alison Woollard, Mr Juan Escobar (The hybrid lab – enabling real-time electronic data capture in the undergraduate practical lab) – This award will enable the development of a blended e-learning approach within practical classes on the undergraduate Biochemistry course, so that students are able to collect their own data in real time.

Dr Neel Doshi, Dr Madeline Green, Dr Katherine Lee, Dr Bethany Seale, Dr Eduarda Bruco, Dr Jothikka Amaralingam, Prof Brian Angus (Development of a virtual simulation programme and assessment of its value in improving medical student confidence in clinical reasoning and management as a junior doctor) – This award will support a Project designed to improve the quality of patient care through the use of virtual simulation, in order to support the development of medical students into more confident and competent junior doctors, specifically targeted at bridging the gap between cognitive knowledge acquired at medical school to behavioural practice that reflects the real-world clinical setting. 


Congratulations to all of the awardees.