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The Division is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Teaching Excellence Awards:


Prof David Greaves – for his ongoing commitment to delivering high quality, innovative teaching and enhancing learning for undergraduates and postgraduates within MSD, for his development of significant, innovative online training resources both before and adaptively during the pandemic, and in recognition of his strong support towards student career development throughout his career.

“I have been particularly impressed by David’s commitment to providing educationally rewarding online equivalents to laboratory class teaching during the disruptions arising from the pandemic.” [Senior Academic]

One of David’s greatest strengths was his willingness to give you the freedom to develop ideas and projects without passing judgement on risk…David place[s] great emphasis on teaching and developing the next generation of scientists” [ex-student/Academic]

Oxford Simulation Teaching and Research (OxSTaR)  - in recognition of their extensive contributions to the use of simulation-based learning (SBL) and technology enhanced learning (TEL) used in undergraduate training across MSD, and for their outstanding work during the pandemic in sharing key learning outcomes for the care of Covid-19 patients and the safe use of PPE.

I would recommend [the Advanced Training] module for any trainee wanting to take their understanding of education in a variety of settings to the next level… This project has expanded my knowledge of new technologies and the application of these in education.” [Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust Staff]



Professor Elspeth Garman - for her outstanding contributions to research into the area of crystallography and its application in biochemistry, and her continued commitment to the education of generations of undergraduates and postgraduates.

 “Elspeth is a highly effective and highly regarded teacher of both undergraduates and postgraduates and has pioneered outreach and the public engagement with science.” [Senior Academic]

Dr Richard Harrington – In recognition of his outstanding contribution to Medical Education and undergraduate teaching in Oxford, especially for his tireless work to innovate, enhance and develop the Graduate Entry Medicine course over many years.

“- approachable and passionate about his teaching.” [Graduate-Entry Medicine student]

Clinical seminars by Dr Harrington have been excellent and offer a really intriguing insight into the diagnostic process, history taking and differentials. They have also been an excellent way of consolidating theory learned in lectures.” [Graduate-Entry Medicine student] 

Professor Anton van der Merwe – for his outstanding work in graduate recruitment and teaching, for his leadership and initiative in reforming graduate studies at both a departmental and divisional level, and for his role in the creation of the first Graduate School at the University.

“He has worked tirelessly to ensure that the University recruits and retains the very best graduate students and that applicants and offer holders have the very best possible experience.” [Senior University Administrator]

Associate Professor Afsie Sabokbar  in recognition of her unwavering commitment and passion for postgraduate research student development, training and support over nearly two decades.

“Afsie Sabokbar is a gem! She is proactively supportive, warmly encouraging and student-focused.” [DPhil student]

“She is well respected by faculty and students alike, and the empathy, kindness and compassion she exhibits are immeasurable” [Senior Academic]

Associate Professor Jeremy Taylor  in recognition of his outstanding work and contribution to the development of the preclinical medicine course, and for a lifetime dedicated to the education of generations of medical students. 

“He stood out because of his breadth of knowledge of the course and his adaption of modern teaching methods whilst challenging the students and keeping standards at the very highest level” [Senior Academic]



Professor Helen Christian – Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Associate Professor Stephanie Dakin - Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

Dr Rachel Exley – Dunn School of Pathology

Professor Chris Norbury – Dunn School of Pathology



Dr Jack Amiry - Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care Sciences

Dr Hannah Bolland – Department of Oncology

Dr Dejan Draschkow - Department of Experimental Psychology

Dr Jessica Renzella – Nuffield Department of Population Health



Professor Alison Woollard - Department of Biochemistry



Mr Samuel Burnell - Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

Dr Damion Young and Mr Jon Mason (MSD Learning Technologies Team) – Medical Sciences Division



Dr Alison Convey (An Innovative Pilot Scheme Proposal for Clinical Teaching in Year 3 of the Medical Degree) – This award will enable a pilot course to provide Year 3 medical students with patient contact, so that they will have the opportunity to experience clinical practice and develop consultation skills. It will provide a bridge between early clinical contact in Years 1 and 2 and Clinical School experiences in Year 4.

Dr Dejan Draschkow (R & PsychoPy Hackathon: Interactive hands-on workshop on statistical and experimental programming) – This award will enable a day-long cooperative workshop (or Hackathon), drawing together an entire cohort of Experimental Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics students, to enable them to learn to use experimental and statistical programming and to analyse and interpret actual empirical data, and develop these essential skills needed for modern academic and industrial career paths.

Miss Tracy Bye and Dr Jennifer Carter (Joint statistical analysis programme) – This award is intended to allow a collaboration between the Department of Oncology and Nuffield Department of Population Health to develop a programme to train students and staff in research methods and quantitative statistical analysis.

Congratulations to all of the awardees.