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This page contains information about funding opportunities with Industry. If you are thinking of applying, please read all terms and conditions and feel free to get in touch with the named Oxford contact to talk more about the opportunity.


Collaboration opportunity: Bicycle Therapeutics


BicycleTx Ltd. (Bicycle®) has developed an extensive library of small molecule compounds called ‘Bicycles’, which are constrained bicyclic peptides that bind with high affinity and selectivity to their target. Bicycle® is offering a set of tool monomeric and multimeric Bicycles that selectively bind human OX40/CD134 to agonise the receptor.


The company seeks to explore the potential application of Bicycles in treating diseases including (but not restricted to) cancers and immuno‐inflammation. Initially the team are looking for proposals focused on in vitro biology studies, with the potential to expand into in vivo (pre- clinical mechanistic, efficacy and/or PK-PD studies). The team is also interested in research that reveals new pharmacological and structural insights to understand their mechanism of action and potential application to treat human diseases. 


More information on this call for proposals and how to submit an application.


If interested in this opportunity, please email:


The Medical and Life Sciences Translational Fund (MLSTF) is open to all University of Oxford researchers and provides consolidated internal proof of concept funding for translational medical and life sciences projects.

The 2023 round has now closed.

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