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Account Administration

At BMRC, our mission is to provide high-performance computing to support medical science at the University of Oxford. As such, our users comprise current members of the University and their collaborators.


  • Current members of the university are eligible for an account if they belong to a research group which has arranged to use our facilities.
  • External collaborators of these research groups can also apply for an account so long as they have arranged a visiting membership of the university (see below).

NB External collaborators will need to apply for a visiting membership of the university. This is to ensure that we meet the University’s strict policy on access to university IT systems.

Applying for an account

To apply for an account, please email us and please copy in (cc) your Oxford PI or collaborator (or their administrator). Please include the following information in your email:

  • The name of your Oxford PI or Collaborator and research group
  • Whether you are a current university member or not.
  • If you are a regular university member, please tell us your university card number (the number which appears on the right hand side of your university card above the bar code).
  • If you are not a regular member of the university, you will need to acquire a Visiting Membership in order to be eligible for an account.
    • If you already have Visiting Membership, please cc’ into your email the HR department through which your visiting was arranged so they can confirm it to us.
    • If you do not already have Visiting Membership, please see below for how to apply.

External Collaborators

In order to comply with the University’s IT policies, all users of BMRC systems must be members of the University. External collaborators wishing to use our systems will therefore need to arrange Visiting Membership. This is normally arranged by your Oxford collaborator through their own HR department. Once Visiting Membership has been arranged, please ask your HR department to confirm it directly to us by email.

External collaborators will normally require access to a VPN service based within the the University in order to connect to our systems. Please inform your HR department when requesting Visiting Memberships.

Passwords and security

Your password should be secure and only known by yourself. You should never share your password with anyone else, if they need an account then ask them to register for an account.

If you require a password reset, please email us.