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Mailing Lists

We operate two mailing lists:

  • - for all users
  • - for GPU users

Both mailing lists are low traffic, high importance and are reserved for important service announcements from the BMRC team. All users are warmly encouraged to subscribe to our general mailing list and likewise GPU users are encouraged to join our GPU mailing list.

To subscribe to our general mailing list, send an email to (from the address that you wish to subscribe - the subject and content are ignored so you may leave them empty) and then follow the instructions in the automated reply.

To subscribe to our GPU mailing list, please email your request to


If you have forgotten your password, please email us to request a password reset. You will receive a temporary password and instructions for how to set your own new password.

If you password has been reset, follow the instructions in the email (also copied below) to login and set your new a password.

  1. Login via ssh using your current password - the password change process will begin immediately. If you have received a password reset email, your current password is the temporary password in the email.
  2. When prompted for your Current Password re-enter your current password. If you have received a password reset email, your current password is (once again) the temporary password in the email.
  3. Only when prompted for a New Password should you enter your new password and then re-enter it when requested to Confirm New Password.

Your new password must contain at least 16 characters and contain at least three different character classes (lowercase, uppercase, numbers, symbols).

The password change is immediate and there is no need to log out and back in again. Contrariwise, if you are forcibly logged out after attempting to change your password, then your attempt was not successful and your password remains as it was.

Why can't I login via SSH?

See our Login Guide for common issues when logging in.

Why did my qsub job fail?

See the Troubleshooting section of our Cluster guide.

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