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A divisional forum for parents to share their experiences and find a place to exchange goods and ideas alike

ParentsNet is a forum aiming to put people around the Medical Sciences Division in contact, and to give parents the opportunity to share and find a place where to exchange goods and ideas alike.

The forum has been developed in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG) following the implementation of their Athena SWAN Bronze Award Action Plan, in consultation with the Divisional Athena SWAN team. The administration and moderation of the forum is shared between DPAG and the Divisional Athena SWAN team.

People are able to post to and follow posts in any of the categories below:

  • Childcare
    Disclaimer: Please note that the aim of this section is to provide a useful source of information. ParentsNet cannot accept responsibility for the quality or suitability of any information posted in this section.
  • Looking for a new home (Offered, for sale & wanted)
    Equipment, toys, etc.
  • Is this normal?
    Parents' offload - Here is where you ask for reassurance that you will sleep again, that teething doesn't last forever, that your teenager will merge into a reasonable adult; etc.
  • Work/life balance
    How do you manage? Tips for working mums and dads.
  • Events

ParentsNet is hosted on Weblearn and is subscription-based only. If you would like to sign up to the forum, please email:


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