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'Thank you' in different languages

Thanks to all the staff and students across Medical Sciences for enduring 2020 with grace, kindness and courage. I wish you a restful break. - Gavin Screaton, Head of Division

Lucy Curtin, (Executive Assistant, Nuffield Deptartment of Primary Care Health Sciences) would like to say what amazing support and friendship she and others have found in the PA & EA Network, particularly in 2020. 

"There is a PA network in my department and I also lead a PA EA Network in the wider University, mostly in MSD. We have had weekly Teams catch ups from April to July and have moved to fortnightly since September. Our catch ups have covered difficulties we’ve encountered using Teams and Zoom as well as problem solving a wide range of issues which PAs and EAs engage with everyday.  These networks have not only been helpful on work related issues but they have also been tremendous fun.  Many of us have got to know each other better which ultimately means an improved working relationship across MSD and the University.  The Teams chat function has enabled us to reply quickly to queries each of us has had which has been invaluable during this year as most work has required a faster than ever reaction time.  The University is very fortunate to have such dedicated, talented and flexible PAs and EAs who have worked over and above their hours alongside caring responsibilites during this difficult and usual time. A special thank you to all those in MSD IT, IT Services and our Department IT colleagues who have been so patient and amazing at supporting our IT issues."

As the beginning of April, Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences launched a Gratitude Thread on Slack to reflect and keep a track of all the good things in life. They asked staff and students: what brings you joy, comfort, hope or a sense of normality? Read the reflections on gratitude blog post.