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Digital rainbox montage by Dunn School, wall of flowers by Joanna Miller in MSDO, drawing of an eye by Gavin Hubbard of Primary Care and NDS Pumpkin Carving Competition

Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences held a virtual Pumpkin Carving Competition. Postdoctoral Research Scientist Emma Murphy won with her amazing Disney creation, Laboratory and Facilities Manager Jessica Doondeea came in second place and Research Fellow Dimitrios Doultsinos took third place.

Joanne Miller (Global Health Facilitator, MSD) started documenting what flowers were in her garden after moving in last year. Lockdown gave her an unexpected opportunity to easily monitor the garden every day. From the impressive amaryllis, to the lettuce that went to seed and the little weeds with surprisingly sweet flowers, there were certainly more flowers than Jo realised.

Natalie Ford (Outreach and Public Engagement Officer, NDORMS) posted ideas and activities for kids for a full 20 weeks in a blog! The activities had a foundation in science and included making a grass head; creating rainbows; moving paper skeleton; and an origami jumping frog! Many of her blogs also featured her kittens Obsidian (Sid) and Onyx (Nix)! Read the NDORMS blog

Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics DPhil student Kyung Chan (KC) Park and his fellow Oxford student housemates used their studying at home period to recreate a homage to a well-known office based drama, based on some of their experiences living together during the height of the lockdown. Watch the parody sketch here.