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 An image of HoD Prof Frances Platt who says "I am totally committed to helping my colleagues, giving them the very best chance of fulfilling their potential, whatever their personal circumstances"

Department of Pharmacology: Recognition of distinction

To redress the fact that female staff are less likely to put themselves forward for promotion (no applications for professors were made by female staff in 2015), we introduced annual reviews for all academics against the criteria for the URL, AP or Professorial titles

Since 2015/6, we have assessed all staff annual against the criteria for the titles of Professor, Associate Professor and University Research Lecturer Titles. All staff who meet the criteria are invited to apply and we share previous successful applications alongside other support.  Applications are reviewed by other academic staff and the HR manager, and their HoD guides each individual creating creates a detailed, tailored letter of support.

In this way, they identified two female staff who submitted a successful application for the title of Professor and two additional applications (1F/1M) are pending in 2022.

Applications for recognition are discussed with academic staff during annual reviews and, if there are gaps in their experience, this is built into their objectives to make sure they are on track to make an application in future.

Since this date 7 staff (4F) have been awarded titles and all our applications have been successful (compared to MSD average of 62%).

“The Department has always encouraged me to seek recognition for my achievements and I have always felt very supported in my ambitions. Gaining the title of Associate Professor will be a huge advantage as I work to move my career onto the next level.”

An image of a woman from behind giving a lecture with the quote "The department has always encouraged me to seek recognitions for my achievements and I have always felt very supported in my ambitions"



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