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An image of Prof Quentin Sattentau and the quote "Whilst our primary aim is to promote gender equality in the workplace, we aspire more broadly to a fully inclusive and egalitarian culture of career opportunity and appreciation for all staff and students."

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology: Confocal Microscope project

The problem:

Researchers with young children were struggling to get access to microscopes in the department at the times they needed them due to over demand by users.

Group Leader Dr Monika Gullerova (pictured) raised the issue back in 2018 and this was subsequently included in our Silver Award Action Plan: “Very recently, I’ve raised an issue about booking pressures for the heavily used confocal microscopes, and as reflected in our action plan, the HOD is now committed to applying for a grant that will allow us to buy another confocal microscope, for preferential use by parents between 9am-5pm.”

The solution:

The light microscopy facility manager not only arranged a purchase of a new microscope and set up a core hours priority booking system for parents and carers for its use, but extended the priority booking system across the facility as a whole.

The impact:

Parents with young children and carers with pressures on their time now have the access they need to microscopy at the times they need.

An image of group leader Monika Gullerova saying "Now I can access the equipment that I need, within core working hours, even during busy times"


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