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Krina Zondervan, head of Womens and reproductive Helath says “Athena Swan has helped to drive positive change within the department. We have seen a shift in our culture for the better because of our commitment to the Charter.”


Student Networking Event in Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health (NDWRH)

On Wednesday 9 June 2021, NDWRH Student Committee hosted a virtual networking event for women's health researchers at the University of Oxford and Edinburgh University. The aim was to give students an opportunity to expand their connections in the women’s health field in a friendly, open and inclusive setting.

55 DPhil and MSc by Research students, PIs and post docs from both universities attended. Students presented their abstracts on Obstetrics / Fertility preservation Gynaecology topics with PIs from both departments judging.

Post event feedback reported that attendees found the day “informative, horizon broadening and engaging” and 82% would very likely attend another event.

Abi Takyi, DPhil student and President, NDWRH Committee commented:

“As president I aim to effectively represent and advocate for students by making sure their views are heard at board meetings. I'm excited to work alongside my committee to harness new ideas and technology to make our time as post graduate students as fulfilling as possible."

Read more about the NDWRH networking event that took place in June 2021

Student Abigail Taki says "The student networking event in Women’s Health was a brilliant day, it was a good opportunity to practise delivering presentations over zoom and all students who presented rose to the challenge"


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