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The Medical Sciences Internal Fund Pump Priming Scheme accepts applications for small awards (up to £10k) to enable investigators to obtain pilot data to support larger scale applications for external research funding in the future.

It is essential that applicants read the FAQs before applying to this fund. 

Non-staff research costs, including equipment, are eligible. The fund is open to all researchers who are employees of departments in the Medical Sciences Division but priority will be given to early career clinical researchers who are establishing their independent career. For this reason, if the applicant is an early career clinical researcher this should be made clear in the application. Proposals that can demonstrate matching funding from other sources will be received favourably. Honorary and visiting members of departments are not eligible for this funding.

Please submit your application online via the Internal Research Award Management System (IRAMS).

Guidance in the form of quick reference guide (QRG) documents for applicants, departmental approvers and administrators can be found on Research Support pages.

Note that some departments may have set an earlier internal deadline so please check with your local admin team and prepare your application well in advance of the date advertised above. Applications must be reviewed online for eligibility and departmental support by departmental approvers and, where approved, submitted to the Committee for review. 

Please complete the application form including a two-page summary of the research proposed under the headings in the case-for-support template provided. Please submit this as a single PDF to include all required elements.

Applications, scores and reviewer comments may be shared with other internal University panels to ensure maximum value for money.

Please read the FAQs

For application deadlines and further details on how to apply please see the Medical Sciences Internal Fund homepage.

  • Reinecke, Andrea. Psychiatry. The effect of losartan-augmented exposure therapy on the brain. £8,800.00
  • Yindom, Louis-Marie. NDM. Plasma biomarkers of systemic inflammation in children and adolescents with HIV-associated chronic lung diseases in Zimbabwe. £10,000
  • Lamber, Ekaterina. Biochemistry. Structural understanding of defective lipid exchange in neurological disorders. £10k.
  • Tellier, Michael. Dunn School of Pathology. Discovering DOT1L targets and H3K79 methylation readers in MLL cells. £9,000
  • Mouthuy, Pierre-Alexis. NDORMS. Fabrication of a humanoid bioreactor prototype for tendon tissue engineering. £10,000
  • Espirito Santo Fonseca, Ana. Promoting cardiac regeneration by targeting endogenous stem cells.£10,000
  • Immunology Networking Reception. NDM. £3,890.00
  • Pedroza-Pacheco, Isabela. Effect of low oxygen on HIV-1 replication and reactivation from latency. £10,000
  • Ramracheya, Reshma. Exploring NPY4 receptor activation as a target for beta-call proliferation and investigating the effects of gastric bypass surgery on islet function. £9,995