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David Dupret

Programme Leader-Track Scientist

David Dupret completed his Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology at the Institute François Magendie (INSERM, University of Bordeaux, France) for which he received the French Neuroscience Association's 2007 Ph.D. Year Prize. David has also held an 'Agrégation ès' Biological and Earth Sciences (Ministry of Education, France) since 2000. He joined the group of Prof. Jozsef Csicsvari at the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit in September 2007 as a Visiting Fellow, successively funded by the 'Institute of France' (Foundation Louis D. Research Fellowship 2007) and the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO Research Fellowship 2008). In 2009 David was appointed as a MRC Investigator Scientist, and also joined St Edmund Hall College, Oxford, as a Fellow in Neuroscience. David was appointed to a MRC Senior Scientist position in 2011, and promoted to tenured MRC Programme Leader in 2014. The general aim of his programme is to investigate neuronal dynamics in the hippocampus and related circuits during the formation of spatio-contextual memories and the expression of adaptive behaviours.


Key Research Areas:

  • Hippocampal circuit dynamics during active waking behaviour and sleep
  • In vivo multi-channel extracellular recording
  • Spatio-contextual memory
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