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With the piling rig now offsite the “muck away” operation is due to commence in earnest on Tuesday and there will be an increase in the amount of construction traffic on the campus. To this end please could all staff (pedestrians) be advised not to use the road between the site hoarding and the Mace cabins. A route behind the cabins, in front of the triangle building is clearly marked.

Unfortunately despite signage, banksmen, and previous requests for people not to use the road, it is still very busy with pedestrians. The primary concern for the construction team in this request is the welfare and safety of members of the public. Please could everyone help in making this a safer area.

There is no weekend work taking place this weekend. Enjoy the bank holiday.

The contact for these works remains Ben Curnow, please feel free to contact him directly should you have any questions or concerns or to report / discuss any issues caused by the construction activities.

BDI look ahead week commencing 04-05-15