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Academia Industry Day (AIMday), is an innovative academic-industry networking event devised and developed by the University of Uppsala. Each event has a highly focussed and efficient meeting format.

AIMday logoThe unique AIMday format – a question, one hour, a group of experts – has proven successful in finding useful contacts, collaborations, and new paths to solutions to organizations’ questions.

Upcoming AIMdays

20 June: Digital Health

Oxford’s first AIMday will be on 20th June at the University’s Mathematical Institute. This AIMday is focussed on engaging with industry to learn about how we can help solve problems in eHealthcare and Big Data. We are particularly keen to hear from companies and academics working on the following issues:

  • Patient Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Population Health & Epidemiology
  • Genomics & Personalised medicine
  • M-health & Self-Monitoring
  • Image Analysis
  • Biobanking
  • Meaningful Data
  • Linking Data
  • Social Care

How does it work?

  • Companies can participate by submitting questions for academics to answer
  • Academics can participate by signing up to answer one or more or the questions once they are posted

To find out more please contact either or