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Submission of Applications And Nominations

Only fully completed application/nomination forms including supporting materials (as described on the application/nomination forms) and submitted by midnight on Friday 30th June 2017 will be considered.

Following the deadline, applications/nominations will be sent as a single gathered field to the appropriate teaching/learning support organiser for comment (e.g. the Director of Study, Head of Department, Senior Administrator). Their comments will be made available to the Selection Panel.

Importance of Student Feedback in Submissions

Student feedback – qualitative and quantitative – accompanying applications/nominations, forms an essential part of the Division’s selection process. Those submitting applications/nominations are encouraged to highlight the reliability/validity of student feedback data, based on the sample size.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel will comprise: the Head of Division and Associate Head of Division for Education (Chair) (or their nominees); the Chairs of the Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Committees; the Medical Sciences Board Conference of Colleges representative; and the Medical Sciences Board undergraduate and graduate student representatives.


Following the submission deadline the Selection Panel will meet to consider the applications/nominations and decide on the awardees. Applicants and nominees will be informed of the panel’s decisions as soon as possible after this meeting.


The Teaching Excellence Awards Ceremony, celebrating the achievements of all awardees, will take place in Michaelmas Term 2017. Further details will be announced in the due course.


Enquiries should be directed to Mrs Aga Bush.