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These awards are made to individuals or teams who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of education and/or leadership in education and/or other educational initiatives, within the Medical Sciences Division or at institutional level. These awards draw special attention from the Division and the University to achievement at the highest level for a discrete development or innovation (which will normally have taken a number of years to realise).

Major Educator Awardees receive an associated financial reward: a single lump sum. This is for personal use without constraints: this may be used to augment salary (subject to tax and NI contributions); to fund the development of a course or some aspect of teaching such as learning materials; or to pay for the substitution of some aspect of the recipient’s duties, to permit a period of special leave for travel or other reasons. The sum may be split between personal and professional/departmental use. This year’s sum is yet to be agreed, but previous awards have been in the region of £3,500.


  1. Applicants/nominees must hold a contract of employment with the Collegiate University.
  2. Previous recipients of an award in this category (or a funded award prior to the introduction of this category in 2008) would not normally be eligible to reapply or be renominated for another Major Educator award. It is unlikely that Major Educator awardees would be considered subsequently for an Excellent Teacher award.
  3. Recipients of an Excellent Teacher or a Project award/s, or a Divisional Commendation/s, may apply or be nominated for a Major Educator award.
  4. Staff are strongly advised to contact Aga Bush if they have queries regarding an individual’s eligibility for an award.

How to Apply/Nominate

Previous Recipients

  • Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School (2012, OUCAGS), for developing an infrastructure to support and strengthen clinical academic training for all Oxford’s medically qualified graduates, which explicitly values and protects the development of academic excellence.
  • Professor Nick Rawlins (2011, Department of Experimental Psychology), for the significant impact he made on postgraduate education in the Division.
  • Dr Richard Boyd (2010, Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics), for his outstanding leadership of educational activity within the Division, during his time as Chair of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee and as Deputy Head of the Division, between 2003 and 2008.