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Learning Support Awards are made to individuals or teams whose work involves the support of teaching and learning activities within the Collegiate University, but who do not have formal teaching responsibilities. Recipients of this award will have made a contribution to supporting these activities significantly beyond that which would normally be expected in their role.

Learning Support Awardees receive an associated financial reward: a single lump sum. This is for personal use without constraints: usually, this will augment the recipient’s salary (subject to tax and NI contributions); but alternatively, recipients may ask for the funds to be held by their Department, so that they may subsequently use the funds in association with their work or for personal professional development (provided this can be arranged). This year’s sum is yet to be agreed, but previous awards have been in the region of £2,000-£3,000.


  1. Non-teaching staff within the Collegiate University who are ineligible under other similar schemes (such as those run by the Bodleian Libraries or IT Services) can be considered for a Learning Support Award from the Division. This includes administrators, technicians, and others whose work involves the support of teaching and learning.
  2. Previous recipients of an award in this category are not eligible to apply or be nominated for another Learning Support award.
  3. Staff are strongly advised to contact Aga Bush if they have queries regarding an individual’s eligibility for an award.

How to Apply/Nominate