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In 2017 the Medical Sciences Teaching Excellence Awards scheme invited applications / nominations in the following categories:


  1. Project Awards - provide funding for proposals to support the development of education.
  2. Major Educator (funded) - Awarded to individuals who make an outstanding contribution to the development of education and/or leadership in education and/or other educational initiatives, within the Medical Sciences Division or at institutional level
  3. Excellent Teacher (titular) - Awarded to individuals who provide excellent teaching
  4. Early Career Excellent Teacher (titular) - Awarded to individuals who provide excellent teaching and who are within the first five years of their career as a University/NHS teacher (i.e. have no prior or otherwise demonstrable experience as a teacher in other sectors/from other institutions)
  5. Learning Support (funded) -  Awarded to non-teaching staff who have made a contribution to supporting teaching and learning activities significantly beyond that which would normally be expected in their role.
  6. Commendations (titular):
    1. Awarded for continued excellent contributions made by previous recipients of Excellent Teacher awards who reapply or who are renominated
    2. To reward high quality contributions to teaching. 

The Selection Panel reserves the right to redistribute applications/nominations to different categories.