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The University is keen to foster a culture of engaging non-academic audiences with research.

There is an obvious need for Universities to be transparent and share the fruits of research to ensure ongoing societal support for investment in research. But the need to engage across society in conversations about the big issues of our time have never been more pressing. Most funders support this view, asking about the impact of the research as part of the application process.

Public Engagement is about involving non-academic audiences in the design, conduct and dissemination of research, ideally generating mutual benefit for the public and researchers and ultimately enhancing the quality or impact of research. There are lots of different ways that this engagement can take place, from giving a talk at a science festival, to online consultations or citizen science – using the power of the crowd to source and/or analyse large data sets.

You can find lots of background information about Public Engagement, including what it encompasses, and what the drivers and benefits are, on the University’s Public Engagement with Research Portal .