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  • How do I set up a department intranet?

    A couple of systems are used widely in the University for sharing information and documents - Sharepoint and Weblearn. These allow you to restrict access via Single Sign On to specific groups of people.

  • Do you have images I can use?

    We don't have many we can share at the moment. However, we have set up an Image Management System to allow you to store and tag your own images. If you want you can share some of these with others in the MSD.

  • How do I get my seminars published on Oxford Talks?

    Any member of the University can set up an account and create a seminar list. However, we recommend first speaking to your departmental administrator or seminar organizer to ensure a co-ordinated approach.

  • How do I get a www domain name?

    The Division has a domain name policy which explains the process for applying for a www domain name. Not everyone qualifies however and you should consult your Department Administrator in the first instance.