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Communications, Public Engagement & Web

The Communications, Public Engagement and Web team work with researchers, staff, students and central services to coordinate and facilitate internal and external communications and public engagement activities across the division.

We are responsible for developing and implementing new internal communication channels, streamlining existing communications activity across the Medical Sciences Division and managing a variety of external communications channels. 

For staff and students in the Division, we produce the monthly internal e-newsletter, OxfordMedSci News, which includes many important updates and opportunities, as well as links to seminar listings and current news, regular interviews with colleagues, and feature articles from different labs.  We also manage the weekly events digest, seminars, talks and workshops taking place across the Division. Visitors are also invited to view our e-newsletter archive, What's On calendar and follow our activities on Twitter, @OxfordMedSci

The Divisional Public Engagement Coordinator supports researchers across the Medical Sciences Division to engage non-academic, primarily public, audiences with their research.  This includes:

  • Supporting the development of large / strategic funding proposals for Public Engagement with Research activities
  • Building capacity for public engagement within the division, through the provision of training and a PER Seed Fund
  • Supporting the development and delivery of Divisional engagement activities, such as European Researchers Night 

The Divisional Communications Manager and Public Engagement Coordinator oversees the MSD Communications and Public Engagement Network, a network of staff in communication and public engagement related roles in the Division. The network provides members the opportunity to share information and address issues specific to Medical Sciences.

The Web team manage the divisional web presence, SharePoint sites, and image management system and we are managing phases of the divisional website, www.medsci site development and redesign using our in-house expertise in project management and usability.

We oversee the Haiku Development process in partnership with an external consultant, Fry-IT and support the Haiku Oversight Committee which oversees the project. We are also in charge of documentation for Haiku and provide help and training.



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