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Site Head, VP - Allan E. Karlsen 

  • Site strategic vision 
  • Overall research direction 
  • Integration within Oxford and NN

HR Partner - Henriette S. Østerbye 

Personal Assistant to Site Head- Cecilie H Poulson 

Business and Operation - Suzie Markin 

  • Business partnership with Oxford 
  • Finance and procurement 
  • P&O alignment 
  • Facility and operations 

Bioinformatics Discovery- Jan Nygaard Jensen

  • Text mining 
  • Drug map
  • Data integration 
  • Druggable genome

 Discovery Technology & Genomics - Fang Zhang 

  • Single cell genomics
  • Liver models
  • Gene editing 
  • Live cell imaging 
  • HT screening 
  • Integrated physiology
  • Cell biology

Stem Cell Engineering - Nicola Beer 

  • Stem cell models 
  • Gene editing 
  • Gene function