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Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford (NNRCO) was launched in 2017 as a strategic alliance between Oxford University, a global leader in metabolism research, and Novo Nordisk, the leading diabetes therapeutics company.

NNOSA group photo

Novo Nordisk Oxford Strategic Alliance (NNOSA) committee members & support: Front left to right - Prof Sir John Bell, Prof Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, Prof Hugh Watkins, Prof Jim Johnson and Prof Peter Kurtzhals. Back left to right - Dr Serena Briant, Dr Ruth McCaffrey, Mr Chris Price, Dr Dorthe Lundsgaard, Prof Mark McCarthy, Dr Søren Bregenholt and Dr Siobhan Dennis.


The purpose of this alliance is to build upon the longstanding relationship between Oxford University and Novo Nordisk. This will be achieved by establishing landmark collaborations for the advancement of the type 2 diabetes research working towards innovative medicines that that make a difference in the lives of patients with diabetes. The alliance is governed by a Joint Steering Committee, made up of parties from both Oxford University and Novo Nordisk.  NNRCO itself is led by interim head Professor Allan Ertmann Karlsen. Explore NNRCO Departments. 

The scientific mission of NNRCO is to conduct world class discovery research to identify new therapeutic targets in type 2 diabetes and its co-morbidities. NNRCO will also participate in the training of the next generation of type 2 diabetes research scientists by co-sponsoring students. Find out more about funding from Novo Nordisk. 

NNRCO is an innovative academic-industry hybrid institute, with a focus on discovery research in the pre-competitive space. Collaborative co-creation projects will be co-funded via the Strategic Alliance  Committee.

Between 2017 and 2021, NNRCO will employ up to 100 researchers who will be visitors to Oxford University in various capacities. These NNRCO researchers will work in new state-of-the-art laboratories in the BioEscalator Building on the Old Road Campus starting mid-2018. Until then, NNRCO has temporary space nearby in the Centre for Cellular & Molecular Physiology building.

 Below: Artist Impression of new laboratories

 NNRCO sketch


Page updated 15/02/2018