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The “Industry Experts in Residence” programme is managed by the Business Development Office and Oxford University Innovation. It aims to give Oxford's research community access to world-leading expertise and advice across multiple industry sectors. Scientists can arrange meetings with our experts to discuss their ideas and projects with no strings attached. We expect that this advice and support will help scientists develop the translational strategy for their projects/technologies. In addition, these experts give seminars and workshops aimed at early career scientists and graduate students, which aim to improve understanding of the realities of technological development and commercialisation. For more information explore these pages, or contact a member of our team. 


Patrick Hall (circle)

 Product Design in Biomedical Engineering 

Patrick Hall, Development Director at Maddison Design Consultancy 

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Thomas Hanke LAB282 Expert in Residence

 Drug Discovery

Thomas Hanke, Head of Academic Partnerships at Evotec

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Digital Health Experts

 Digital Health 

Neil Bacon, iWantGreatCare; June Thompson, IBM; David Cole, IBM; Stefania Marcoli, Frog Design

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Toni Day

 Med Tech Regulation 

Toni Day, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at OrganOx

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Image of Professor Chris Cheng

Surgical Technologies

Chris Cheng, Ceo of Koli Inc., and Consulting Professor in Vascular Surgery at Stanford

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