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Business Development
University of Oxford
Joint Research Office
Block 60, Churchill Hospital
Old Road
Oxford OX3 7LE

Siobhan Dennis

MBiol, PhD

Business Development Manager

I joined the Medical Sciences Business Development team in Spring 2017 to aid the development of industry engagement across the Medical Science departments at the University of Oxford.

I have an academic background in Neuroscience, with an MBiol from the University of Bath and a PhD from the University of Bristol. I subsequently began a career in industry with a post doctorate position in early phase drug discovery for a multinational pharma working in the area of neurological disorders specialising in electrophysiology. I then moved away from lab based roles into Alliance Management within the industrial imaging R&D sector concentrating on academic relations and collaborations throughout the European Union. I also have experience in early phase digital R&D project development for medical applications, including exploring business models, planning market research and incorporating user experience design into early phase ideas and Proof of Concept (POC).   

I am keen to form alliances and partnerships with industry collaborators using a variety of models from funded fellowships, through to large scale strategic investment.

Please contact me if you are a Medical Sciences researcher looking for a partner, or an industry looking to find an academic collaborator.  

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