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Business Development
University of Oxford
Joint Research Office
Block 60, Churchill Hospital
Old Road
Oxford OX3 7LE



Maxine Allen

Head of Business Development and Partnering

I’m the Business Development Lead for the Medical Sciences Division and my role is to promote and support industry engagement with the biomedical science departments at the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, (via the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre) through strategic alliances, R&D collaborations, contract and clinical research and resource sharing.

My academic background is in genetics and biomarker discovery.  I moved to industry after my PhD and worked for 10 years at biotech companies in the US and UK as a postdoc, group leader and programme manager.   I joined the University of Oxford in 2005 as a programme manager for academic-industry consortia and set-up the divisional Business Development team with Professor Sir John Bell in 2010.

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