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Medical Sciences Divisional Office (Education)
University of Oxford
The Fleming Suite
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Jonathan Ellis

Educational Policy Officer

I am responsible for the development and implementation of educational policies for undergraduate and graduate taught courses as appropriate to Medical Sciences. In my work I provide advice and support to senior academic officers, academics and administrative staff across the Division, and I liaise with colleagues in Student Administration and Education Policy Support on a regular basis.

I am Secretary to the Division’s Undergraduate Studies Committee and the Audit Sub-Committee, each of which report to the Educational Policy & Standards Committee of the Medical Sciences Board. The Undergraduate Studies Committee has oversight of undergraduate educational policy and strategy, including responsibility for ensuring that high standards of teaching, assessment and administration are maintained. The Audit Sub-Committee maintains oversight of quality assurance and enhancement for the Division’s educational provision.

I service meetings of MSc Directors, which are convened to discuss matters of mutual interest, to foster communication between the divisional office and individual course leaders and administrators, and to discuss educational policies affecting taught graduate courses, for report to the Graduate School Committee.

I also undertake work to support departments in developing new educational initiatives, including new taught programmes as well as new collaborations to enhance existing provision. I am the lead officer responsible for assessing proposed changes to programme-specific regulations, and I represent the Division and/or taught degrees at various committees and working groups as necessary.

I am responsible for ensuring that the integrity of quality assurance procedures for taught degrees is maintained, by overseeing the work of the Education & Funding Officer, who conducts and reports on a variety of routine monitoring activities throughout the year. I undertake work to enhance quality procedures where appropriate or necessary, and through that, educational provision for taught degrees. I also undertake other quality assurance activities on a periodic basis, such as reviews of individual taught graduate programmes, as well as contribute to exercises such as departmental or accreditation (or equivalent) reviews e.g. General Medical Council, Higher Education Review (formerly Institutional Audit).