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Sherrington Building
Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics 
Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PT

Jayne Todd


Head of Alumni Relations - Medical Sciences

I manage the Oxford Medical Alumni (OMA) group which works closely with the central University alumni team and with alumni and development teams across the Collegiate University. 

The role of Alumni Relations is largely about communication – we aim to keep alumni connected to each other and the University, to encourage and promote the professional development of alumni on an individual level, and to keep the alumni community aware of the university’s developments and needs, including fundraising opportunities and achievements. OMA is also responsible for managing the transition for current students into the alumni community.  

My duties include:

  • Managing a relationship management service primarily for the clinical medical school but also for academics, alumni and students from across the division. OMA uses the Collegiate University database, DARS, to manage relationships with alumni, friends and supporters of the University
  • Publishing an alumni magazine/newsletter – gathering and providing content and carrying out editorial duties for the alumni publication. OMA produces electronic newsletters on a termly basis and a printed version twice per year. We also act as focus for those who wish to study the history of medicine at Oxford. We work closely with the clinical students, and are happy to work with medical sciences departments if asked
  • Organising reunions for alumni members. OMA regular reunion programme for medical graduates from the Oxford clinical school attracts over 40% of alumni to reminisce and reconnect with their alma mater. Reunions also provide an opportunity for our students to reconnect with their former teachers and with Oxford as an institution. They are always enjoyable and sometimes thought provoking.
  • Arranging events. OMA events programme comprises three named lectures, one of which forms part of the University Alumni Weekend, and the others provide a platform for clinicians and researchers in Oxford to showcase their work to alumni, academics and distinguished guests. OMA also organises events ranging from discussions in the Sheldonian Theatre attended by more than 500 people - to a very successful monthly lecture club programme aimed at those who are retired from practice and who are living within a 25 mile radius of Oxford which attracts between 30 and 40 retired doctors and health professionals on each occasion.

OMA does not have an active fundraising role, but we do encourage donations to support bursaries, research and university development. We can provide a source of advice and guidance for those considering individual giving activities inside the collegiate University.

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I can Help you With

  • Contacting alumni and friends of the University
  • Arranging reunions and events for alumni
  • Advice and guidance on the management of the research, clinical, administrative and personal papers developed by research and clinical staff in the division during their working life
  • Marketing and communications to alumni of the medical sciences at Oxford locally and internationally
  • Guidance on reunions and social activities for alumni
  • Strategic planning for the direction of alumni relations
  • Arranging for discounts, benefits and services for alumni members
  • Communicating with university departments and local businesses to arrange benefits packages for alumni members