Medical School Office
University of Oxford
Academic Centre
Level 2, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Carolyn Cook

Senior Clerical Officer (Clinical Course - Year 4, Electives)

I am responsible for:

Fourth Year Administration

  • Foundation course
  • Freshers’ Fair
  • District General Hospital attachments
  • Special study module fair, posters and oral presentations
  • Fourth Year OSCE (October)
  • Elective coordinator
  • Providing transcripts for former medical students
  • Member of the Joint Consultative Committee with clinical students
  • Organising the Clinical School Open Day
  • Administering prizes including Brian Johnson Prize in Pathology, Geoffrey Hill Spray Prize in Clinical Biochemistry, John Pearce Memorial Prize in Surgery, Patrick Mallam Memorial Prize in Clinical Medicine and the University of Iowa Exchange Scholarship