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Springboard (for women) and Navigator (for men) are personal and professional development programmes designed to help you take control and make better decisions in life and work. If you are looking for change, these programmes are an opportunity for you to take ownership and shape the change you want. You can expect to: 

  • Build confidence and resilience
  • Assess your skills and competencies
    • Develop skills to build productive relationships, develop your profile and progress your career
    • Make connections and build communities
      • Explore what is important for you individually in your life and work, make decisions and take action
      • Set goals and plan the future direction of your life and career

Each programme runs over four full day workshops and is supported by a workbook, private study and group work.


Springboard (for women) workshop dates for Hilary Term 2017


Tuesday 10th January

Monday 6th February

Monday 6th March

Monday 3rd April


For more information and to apply:


Navigator (for men) workshop dates for Hilary Term 2017


Friday 20th January

Friday 10th February

Friday 3rd March

Friday 24th March


For more information and to apply: