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The University has a number of free online courses designed to support you in your research, and which you can complete at your own pace.

Illustrative concept of studying using online materials

Avoiding Plagiarism 

This online course provides an introduction to the issues surrounding plagiarism and will help you to acquire some of the necessary skills and judgement to apply to your academic work and publications. You will need your Oxford Single Sign-on to join the course. Please note, this course is compulsory for MSD postgraduate research students and recommended for early career researchers.

Research Integrity

Research integrity online training:

The new, updated and shortened research integrity online training core course and supplementary modules can be accessed on this page. Oxford University expects all researchers to complete this course, and it is compulsory for DPhil students.

You will need your Oxford Single Sign-on to join the course. 

Entrepreneurship and business development

The following courses, resources and events are useful for anyone looking to develop their entrepreneurship and business acumen:

Other Professional Development Courses

How to Survive Your PhD

This online talk introduces the PhD Planning Toolkit.

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