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Course 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Research Staff
Vicarious Trauma Workshop X X X X
GRAD Challenge
7 secrets of highly successful research students X X X X
A Practical Guide to Planning a Research Project under FEC X X
Advanced Light Microscopy X X X X
Biophysical Biochemistry X X X X
Careers in Medical Communications - Insight Workshop (2-day course) X X
Careers in Medical Communications - Introductory Seminar X X X
Communicating the impact of your Research
Comparing Biological Data Using Nonlinear Model Fitting X X X X
Computational Biochemistry X X X X
Conducting Ethical Research: Consent and Confidentiality X X X X
Data Analysis X X X X
Designing Ethical Research: Harms and Benefits X X X X
Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT) Course for Medical Educators


Developing Learning and Teaching X X


e-Research Tools and Techniques
Electron Cryo Microscopy in Structural Biology X X X X
English Language X X X X
English Language - Communication Skills for Researchers X X X
Ethical Issues in International Research X X X X
Ethical Issues in the Use of Biobanks X X X X
Ethical Issues in the Use of Human Tissue X X X X
Ethical Issues Involved in Questionnaires and Interviewing X X X X
Ethics - Confidentiality X X X
Ethics - Consent X X X
Ethics - Genetics
Ethics - Harms and Benefits in Research X X X X
Ethics - Interviews & Questionnaires
Ethics - Introduction to Research Ethics X X
Further Topics in Statistics and Bioinformatics (previously titled Statistical Basics of Bioinformatics)
Get That Grant X X
Get That Job X X

Good Practice in Authorship

How to plan your PhD X X X X
Human Research Ethics
Intellectual Property Programme
Introduction to Programming in R
Introduction to Statistics X X X X
Introductory Funding Workshop: Get that Grant and FEC X X
Introductory Protein Bioinformatics X X X X
Large Group and Lecturing (previously titled part 2) X X
Leading in the biomedical sciences: A workshop for early career principal investigators X
Making the most of your research - impact through innovation and enterprise X X X
Managing Research X X X
Managing your Supervisor X X X
MATLAB - Online X X X X
Mind Mapping
Navigator Development Programme for Men X X X
NMR Course X X X X
Organising Your Research for Publication X X
Organising Your Research for Publication X X X
Poster Production X X
Preparing For Learning and Teaching at Oxford
Preparing Your Research Data for the Future – What You Can Do Now to Avoid Problems X X X X
Presentation Skills X X X X
Project Management in the Research Context
Project Management Skills X X
Public Speaking Activity Workshop X X
Quick Start Data Presentation and Analysis X X
Reporting Research: Promoting and Publishing X X X X
Research Techniques Day X X X X
RNA-Seq Data Analysis X X X X
Springboard Development Programme for Women X X X
Statistics with SPSS X X X X
The Balanced Researcher Workshop X X X X
The Strategic Researcher
Transfer of Status Assessment Workshop
Turbocharge your Writing
Viva Preparation - Final Viva X
Writing and publishing research papers
Writing Skills - Papers and Theses X X X
Writing Skills for PRS students - Reports X X
X-Ray Crystallography X X X X