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This two day classroom based MSD Skills training course is suitable for postgraduate research students (year 2 onwards) and early career researchers wanting to write medical journal papers and get them published.

Workshop participants will be expected to attend all four sessions:

29 January 2020 @ 09:30 - 15:30

19 February 2020 @ 09:30 - 15:30


To forge a career in medical research you need to publish research papers in peer-reviewed journals. This not only ensures that you get credit for your research, but also enables others to learn from your work, build on it and use it to make the world a better place. But writing and publishing a paper isn’t easy, and the journal publishing system can be difficult to navigate.

This course will help you write medical journal papers and get them published in the most effective way. You will get insider insights from an expert trainer who knows journals from many angles. It will be most useful if you have already made a start at writing papers, and will be helpful even if you have published lots already. It will be most useful if you have already got some results and are thinking about writing them up, so it is less suitable for those in the first year of their PhD.

Note: the academic writing part of this course does not teach English grammar, but instead focuses on common errors made by authors of medical journal articles and on getting the correct level of formality and precision in your research papers. If you need help improving your general academic writing skills, contact the university Language Centre.  


The course will answer questions such as:

  • How can I get myself motivated to write and get the paper finished?
  • How should I organize my paper?
  • What writing style should I use?
  • How do journals differ, and how can I find the one that’s just right and that will accept my paper?
  • How can I ensure my paper makes as much impact as possible?
  • How can I get my paper published more quickly?
  • How do I deal with peer reviewers' comments and rejection letters?

 Previous participants have said

“Nice to have a professional with an in-depth industry knowledge offer training and advice.”
“The course was excellent and very well-delivered. There was a real sense of professionalism — it would be difficult to improve on this course.”
 “Very informative, full of practices and take home study materials for future references, and in clear English”

The workshop will run over two days with a gap between them. In this time you will be asked to draft an abstract for your own research paper. Please EITHER write an abstract in advance and bring it with you, OR bring brief notes about the main results that your paper would present and the conclusions you intend to draw, so that you can start work on your abstract during the first day of the workshop. Your results can be preliminary or even made up if you don't yet have all the data. 

Please bring a laptop.


Two-day interactive workshop, with abstract writing and online feedback in the time between the two days.


Maximum 15