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This course is scheduled in each term.


This workshop aims to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to confidently write your transfer report, with the support of your supervisor(s) and peers. By the end of this workshop, we expect you to

  • Have developed a first outline of your transfer report for discussion with your supervisor
  • Feel ready to set and stick to a writing timetable
  • Be confident in editing and applying feedback


This interactive workshop will use talks, discussion, and written exercises, drawing on participants’ own research thus far and plans for the rest of their DPhil. Participants are expected to have already developed a rough research question.



This course complements the course How to prepare for a successful transfer of status. We’ll cover three main areas:

1. Planning the transfer report

  • Figuring out your overall message
  • Deciding on a structure and outline that supports your message
  • Gathering the information you need before you start writing
  • Communicating with your supervisor about how and when to request feedback

 2. Writing the transfer report

  • Creating a writing timetable
  • Strategies for writing
  • Tips for the content of each report section

 3. Polishing the transfer report

  • Editing your work from rough draft to simple, clear, and complete final report
  • Strategies for requesting, coping with, and incorporating feedback


3 hours