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This follow up session is suitable for those who have previously attended 'Writing a Thesis', and have a detailed outline prepared.


This workshop is follows Writing a Thesis and can be attended at any point after Writing a Thesis. We also encourage you to attend Viva Preparation before attending this follow-up. 

This session is a chance to go over concepts covered in Writing a Thesis (covering anything within planning, writing, and revising), and discuss challenges you are facing in applying them to your own project and writing practice. We will use a mix of whole-group Q&A and discussion in pairs. Each participant will also have some time with the facilitator. Any remaining time can be used to work on your thesis.

This follow-on is not suitable for those who have not started work on their thesis. At minimum, you should have a detailed outline prepared. This follow-on is also not suitable for discussing viva preparation issues.

To apply for this course, please email to register your interest and to provide the date upon which you originally attended 'Writing a Thesis'.



Please send in specific queries and issues that you would like to discuss. Bring along your document in progress, highlighting areas that you would like to focus on.



-          Short lecture and Q&A covering questions sent in by participants

-          Concurrently:

  • Peer feedback in pairs
  • Individual discussion time with the facilitator (~5 minutes each)
  • Time to work on your thesis



2.5 hours



Once a term