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Course aim

To provide guidance on planning and delivering an oral presentation, including slide preparation.

Course format

A workshop format. Attendees will be required to make a 10 minute presentation and will receive feedback from the course tutors.

Course content

The course will cover

Planning your presentation

Being invited to speak. Defining your audience. How to construct an exciting presentation. Differences between papers and presentations. Successful presentations for different audiences. Planning tips and techniques.

Preparing your slides

Style and colour for fonts and bullets. Editing titles and devising new ones. How to reduce the amount of text on a slide. Ways of making text slides more interesting. Graphs and tables.

Voice and body language

Dealing with nerves. Body language and visual appearance. Gestures. Managing difficult people. What to say in response to difficult questions. Choosing and using words for intellectual and emotional impact. Making your presentation memorable. Adding richness to your presentation — visual, auditory, read/write and kinaesthetic. Should you ever read a presentation? Special considerations for technical material. Communication styles.

Course length

One day

Participant numbers

16 max