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Suitable for MSD postgraduate researchers whose research involves human beings.


This half-day interactive online MSD Skills training course should be attended by first year DPhil students but is relevant to all postgraduate research students and postdoctoral early career researchers whose research involves human beings.

This online session encourages participants to articulate and reflect on the ethical concerns faced by researchers. Participants will gain a general grasp of the principles underpinning ethical reasoning with regards to research involving human participants and discuss relevant case studies. The primary focus of the session is to equip participants with the tools necessary to make moral decisions not to provide advise on the institutional ethics approval process. For this, participants are encouraged to consult the relevant NHS and University pages.  This introductory session will be of relevance primarily to early career . researchers carrying out research involving humans.


  • Importance of research: 'why do research?' as an introduction to ethics
  • Ethics and Science: what is good research
  • Risks and Benefits: principles vs. balancing
  • Consent and confidentiality: autonomy and privacy


3 hours online interactive session.

You will need to be logged in via SSO to join the session.

You will need a good internet connection and uninterrupted time.



This course has an automated communications workflow so all emails will come directly from the booking system CoSY. Please check emails have not gone to your spam filter, and read the information carefully to make sure you understand the instructions on how to join the course.


Maximum 15