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This half-day classroom based MSD Skills training course should be attended by first year DPhil students but is relevant to all postgraduate research students and postdoctoral early career researchers whose research involves human beings.


To encourage participants to articulate and reflect on the ethical concerns faced by researchers. Participants will leave with a general grasp of the kinds of reasoning that is involved in the ethical consideration of research involving human beings. Although it is not the primary focus of the session, there will be some discussion of the structures and procedures in place in the university and the NHS for the scrutiny of research. Researchers carrying out research involving humans are encouraged to attend one of these introductory sessions.


The session will centre on a case study designed to bring out the major ethical issues in research involving humans. The group will then consider more formally the structure of the concerns raised by the case study and its discussion.


  • Importance of research: 'why do research?' as an introduction to ethics
  • Ethics and Science: what is good research?
  • Risks and Benefits: principles vs. balancing
  • Consent and confidentiality: autonomy and privacy


3 hours


Maximum 25