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The DLT Programme is designed for anyone new to teaching in higher education who wishes to learn how to take a more effective, inclusive and evidence-informed approach to teaching and learning in the sciences.

Please note this course takes place over three separate days:

Workshop 1: 11th October

Workshop 2: 24th October

Workshop 3: 7th November

Graduate research students with teaching responsibilities and postdoctoral researchers with an interest in an academic career may find it particularly useful to develop their teaching skills and gain a portable qualification to enhance future employability. 

In order to participate you must have attended a Preparation for Learning and Teaching at Oxford (‘PLTO’) seminar/workshop and have a teaching commitment confirmed in Oxford either during the DLT Programme and/or for the near future.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions for course booking and attendance.

Booking Dates

Booking for courses in September and October opens on 13th August. Courses in November and December can be booked from the end of September.

Please use the button on the relevant course page to make your booking.

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