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Written communication skills for writing a thesis and papers

Course aim

To provide participants with a greater understanding of written communication skills, to assist them in writing their thesis and papers.

Course format

Writing skills courses take the form of a small group seminar/workshop.

Course content

  • How scientific journals work
  • Your personal publication strategy
  • Authorship issues
  • What editors and reviewers want
  • Common pitfalls in writing papers
  • Advanced writing style
  • Giving your paper a good abstract and title
  • Submission and dealing with reviewers
  • Differences between papers and theses

Course length

1 day

Number of participants


Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions for course booking and attendance.

Booking Dates

Booking for courses in September and October opens on 13th August. Courses in November and December can be booked from the end of September.

Please use the button on the relevant course page to make your booking.

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