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DPhil Supervision

My current research interests include monitoring chronic diseases, especially diabetes and hypertension, and clinical prediction rules, especially risk scores.  My publications, listed on my webpage at the department of primary care health sciences, give the best overview of my research.

I am currently supervising students in medical statistics including the monitoring of chronic diseases; the reporting and analysis of diagnostic test results; and survival models for competing risks.  I also supervise a part-time student on diagnostic accuracy in complementary and alternative medicine, and a research fellow on meta-analysis methods.  I would welcome students with an interest in any of these or related areas.

My connections

Richard Stevens


University Research Lecturer

  • Deputy Director, Statistics Group
  • Associate Professor

As a medical statistician, most of my research, whether I'm leading the project or supporting colleagues, is intended for clinical journals. Much of my research is with colleagues in the Oxford Centre for Monitoring and Diagnosis (MaDOx) on the monitoring of chronic diseases and on diagnosis and prognosis: the list of publications to the right is the best indicator of my research interests. 

I also take responsibility for teaching statistics courses to preclinical students in Oxford's Medical Sciences Division, and contribute to statistics teaching on the Evidence Based Healthcare Programme at the Department for Continuing Education in collaboration with the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine.

I am a statistical member (and, from 2016, Deputy Chair) of the Indpendent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) that advises the MHRA on research with databases such as the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD).  I'm also pleased to be affiliated with Oxford's Diabetes Trials Unit, where I collaborate on some projects on cardiovascular risk, and the HRB Centre for Primary Care Research in Dublin, with whom I'm working on papers on the uptake of clinical prediction rules, under the umbrella of the International Diagnosis and Prognosis Prediction (IDAPP) group.

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