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Dr Nirmala Perera


Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sport and Osteoarthritis

Nirmala assembled the first comprehensive epidemiological profile of women's cricket injuries by compiling and analysing several longitudinal multilevel data sources that had not previously been used for this purpose. Her PhD thesis titled “Injury Epidemiology Among Australian Female Cricketers” was supported by Cricket Australia. Nirmala received the prestigious Australia Awards Endeavour Fellowship in 2018 to work on the Sports Without Injury Programme at Linköping University (Sweden). Her research focused on injury surveillance and optimising implementation of injury prevention programmes (e.g. Knee Control) in youth sports (football, floorball)

In 2019, Nirmala was awarded the Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis Research Versus Arthritis post-doctoral fellowship to pursue her research in sports and osteoarthritis at University of Oxford. She is working on the cricket health and wellbeing study, establishing the Lady Margaret Hall wellbeing centre study and rugby health and wellbeing study. Further, Nirmala is a visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Linkoping University, Sweden, an adjunct Research Fellow at La Trobe University Sports and Exercise Research Centre, Australia and continue to collaborate with array international researchers.

Nirmala is passionate about knowledge translation and is the Social Media Coordinator for the International Olympic Committee World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport; in this role, she dissemination of latest knowledge to a wider audience and closely collaborates/interact with the broader sports and exercise medicine research community. Further, Nirmala is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. She serves as an Executive Board Member for Sports Medicine Australia, and the Scientific Committee Chair for the inaugural Sri Lanka Sports and Exercise Medicine Conference.

Nirmala has won several grants, scholarships and awards for her work, including the Australia Awards Endeavour Fellowship; British Journal of Sports Medicine PhD Academy Award Nominee; Swedish Research Council for Sport Science.