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Professor Nina Hallowell

Professor Nina Hallowell

Nina Hallowell

Professor of Social and Ethical Aspects of Genomics

Nina is a medical sociologist with a longstanding interest in bioethics. She has held research posts at the University of Cambridge and the Institute of Cancer Research and teaching posts at De Montfort University, the University of Edinburgh and Newcastle University. Her research focuses upon the social and ethical impact of technological innovations upon individuals, families and society; particularly the introduction of DNA testing in various clinical and research contexts.

The main themes of her work include: ethical and social issues in cancer genetics, the introduction of genetic testing for common diseases, the relationship between bioethics and empirical research, lay and professional experiences and perceptions of clinical research and the ethical issues arising.  She holds honorary positions In the Centre for Health Equity, University of Melbourne and The Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh, and has longstanding collaborations with researchers in these institutions. She was appointed in 2016 to work with Researchers in Ethox and the BDI to develop a research programme that explores the ethical issues arising from the use of big datasets in health research.