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Associate Professor Michael Holmes

Associate Professor Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes

BSc(Hons) MBBS MSc(Epidemiology) PhD MRCP

Associate Professor

  • Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit

Michael Holmes studied Medicine at University of St Andrews and University College London, graduating in 2005. Working in the NHS as a hospital physician, he held NIHR clinical academic posts including academic foundation year and an academic clinical fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics/General Internal Medicine. Michael then undertook a Masters in Epidemiology at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and completed a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology at University College London. Following his PhD, he was Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, where he investigated genetic determinants of clinical outcomes following organ transplantation.

Michael is a Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Cardiovascular Medicine at CTSU. He is working within the China Kadoorie Biobank (CKB) to investigate causal risk factors underpinning cardiovascular disease and cancer subtypes. Michael's expertise lies in using genetic variants to disentangle causality from confounding with the aim of improving understanding of disease aetiology and identifying novel therapeutic targets for disease prevention.