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Maria Harkiolaki

Principal Beamline Scientist

Development and implementation of correlative workflows across high resolution imaging modalities

Correlation of high-resolution bio-imaging techniques is the next frontier in biomedical imaging at the cellular level and a process that is yet to be successfully approached in a holistic way. Beamline B24 is the soft X-ray tomography beamline at Diamond offering natural contrast 3D cellular imaging to 40nm resolution in conjunction with 3D super resolution fluorescence microscopy using state-of-the-art microscopes developed and managed onsite.

We are offering X-ray microscopy techniques specifically for the biomedical community and extend the information content possible via correlation with in situ super resolution light microscopy. Beyond the design and application steps we are developing software pipelines to allow the unambiguous correlation of imaging data from heterologous sources enabling rapid assessment of samples.

Beyond technology development work, active  projects include (a) the structural investigation of innate immunity pathways in model organisms, (b) mechanistic understanding of viral envelopment, (c) cellular ultrastructure remodelling in response to pathogenic challenges and (d) cell adaptations in the context of inter tissue communication.


Harkiolaki et al. Cryo-soft X-ray tomography: Using soft X-rays to explore the ultrastructure of whole cells. Emerging Topics in Life Sciences (2018) 2 81–92