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Katie Warnaby

PhD, MPhys

Senior Research Scientiist

  • Anaesthesia and Pain Analgesia Imaging Neuroscience Group
  • Oxford Persisting Post-Operative Pain Study (OxPPOPS)
  • Knoop Junior Research Fellow, St Cross College


I have a broad range of research interests in neuroimaging of anaesthesia, sleep and pain. I use multi-modal neuroimaging techniques, such as combined electrocephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI), to observe the changes in the brain’s activity and connectivity associated with altered states of consciousness, particularly general anaesthesia and sleep.

As part of the Knoop fellowship, I will be investigating how these brain structures and networks are modulated by non-image forming light input to the eyes to promote conscious awakening from sleep.
I am principal investigator of the Oxford Persisting Post-Operative Pain Study (OxPPOPS). OxPPOPS is a major clinical trial to identify the incidence and predictive factors for development of chronic pain after surgery and its impact on quality of life. We are currently recruiting patients undergoing Caesarean section until April 2014, with over 600 patients consented into the study to date. Predictive factors under investigation are psychological, anaesthetic, surgical, genetic and hormonal factors as well as those relating to post-operative analgesic management and sleep. Identification of the variables that predict the development of persistent post-operative pain will allow interventions in ‘at-risk’ patients to be implemented.