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Edward Morrissey

MRC WIMM Group Leader and Principal Investigator in RDM

I received my MPhys in Theoretical Physics from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain. Prior to starting my PhD I worked as a consultant in industry and held several research positions working on Nuclear Physics (Spanish National Research Council), Theoretical Neuroscience (Theoretical Physics Department UAM) and Computational Biology (Spanish National Cancer Research Centre). I completed my PhD in Warwick University’s Systems Biology DTC where I worked on developing Bayesian methods to study large gene regulatory networks. After my PhD I moved to Cambridge where I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Prof Simon Tavaré’s group at CRUK/Cambridge University. During my stay in Cambridge I developed an interest in cellular fate choices in mammalian tissues. Specifically, while in Cambridge, I developed mathematical models of stem cells in order to understand their stochastic behaviour and how this behaviour was altered by oncogenic mutations.

In November 2016 I moved to the Weatherall Institute to set up a Quantitative Biology group. The groups focus is to study cell fate choices, applying techniques such as Stochastic Modelling, Bayesian Inference and Deep Learning.