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Graduate School

Henry Bailey

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

The Complexity of Multiprotein Complexes: from Structural Characterization to Target Discovery

Supervisors: Wyatt Yue, Jolanta Kopec


Luke Baxter

Department of Paediatrics

Decoding and predicting infant pain using fMRI

Supervisors: Rebeccah Slater  


Filippo  Bianchi

Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

To develop an intervention to increase adherence to meal replacement programmes and explore its feasibility and effectiveness in a RCT

Supervisors: Susan Jebb, Paul Aveyard


Xin Hui Chan

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

The Cardiovascular Toxicity of Antimalarial Drugs

Supervisors: Nick White, Nick Day, Brian Angus


Sally Frost

Department of Oncology

Cancer-killing viruses under IDO-induced metabolic stress

Supervisors: Len Seymour, Vincenzo D’Angiolella


Jonathan Goult

Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre

Structural Biology 4 year DPhil Programme

Supervisors: To be confirmed  


Scarlett Harris

Dunn School of Pathology

A molecular basis for allergy

Supervisors: Quentin Sattentau  


Rose Hodgson

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

New combinations of immune-checkpoint inhibitors to treat cancer

Supervisors: Richard Cornall, Consuelo Anzilotti


Andri Iona

Nuffield Department of Population Health

General and central adiposity in relation to mortality in Chinese men and women

Supervisors: Zhengming Chen, Sarah Parish


Edward Jenkins

Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (Radcliffe Department of Medicine)

Analysis of lipid and lipid-anchored protein organization at the T-cell surface using novel super-resolution (STED) microscopy

Supervisors: Christian Eggeling, Simon Davis


Alexander Kaltenboeck

Department of Psychiatry

‘Does bright light treatment influence affective processing?’

Supervisors: Catherine Harmer  


Maria Kempnich

Department of Experimental Psychology

Investigating How Social Networks Adapt To Mobile Societies – Combining Egocentric & Complete Network Analyses

Supervisors: Robin Dunbar, Prof Miles Hewstone


István Lukács

Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre

Neuroscience 1+3 DPhil Programme

Supervisors: To be confirmed  


Deborah Malden

Nuffield Department of Population Health

The association between blood pressure indices and cause-specific vascular disease: A prospective cohort study of 500 000 UK participants

Supervisors: Sarah Lewington, Jonathan Emberson, Richard Peto, Derrick Bennet, Ben Lacey


Katherine Newell

Nuffield Department of Population Health

Assessing the acute and chronic health effects of air pollution in China

Supervisors: Hubert Lam, Om Kurmi, Christiana Kartsonaki


Sarah Payne Riches

Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Development and feasibility testing of a behavioural intervention to reduce dietary salt intake

Supervisors: Susan Jebb, Paul Aveyard  


Giulia Pilla

Dunn School of Pathology

Maintenance of virulence in Shigella spp

Supervisors: Christoph Tang  


Lisa Rodermund

Department of Biochemistry

Single-cell dynamics of Xist-RNA and interacting localisation/silencing factors

Supervisors: Neil Brockdorff, Lothar Schermelleh


Paula Rocktäschel

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Pre-clinical in-vivo and in-vitro investigations to discover new anti-epileptogenic drugs and their cellular targets

Supervisors: Arjune Sen, John Jefferys, Zam Cader  


Dylan Sheerin

Department of Paediatrics

Assessing the immune mechanisms underlying the response to meningococcal group B vaccines

Supervisors: Andrew J Pollard, Christine Rollier, Christina Dold


Paolo Spingardi

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms and their relevance to cancer

Supervisors: Skirmantas Kriaucionis, Colin Goding


Nidi Tapoulal

Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Autonomic control of ventricular arrhythmias

Supervisors: Neil Herring, David J. Paterson


Eve Twivy

Department of Experimental Psychology

Taught Masters


Barnabas Williams

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Airway Disease – Towards Efficient In Vivo Gene Editing

Supervisors: Steve Hyde, Deborah Gill