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For those Medical Science Division courses that require a standard CV format please visit the following webpage which is hosted on and follow the instructions below;

 MSD graduate application standard CV creation via onlinesurvey form for 2023-24 entry



1. Please complete the questions which are

Surname, First name(s), Date of birth, Application Number (if known), Pre-University Education,

University Education, Professional qualification (optional), Employment (optional),

Research Experience (optional), Publications, Preprints and Presentations (optional),

Skills and Interests (optional), Other (optional)

Please note you can click on 'Finish later' at the bottom of each page and you will be provided with a URL and the facility to email this system-generated link to yourself.

2. Once completed you have 15 minutes to download the PDF. If you do not download the PDF within 15 minutes of completing the form you will need to re-enter the data. To download your CV as a PDF once you have answered all the questions click on the 'My Responses' button as shown in the image below.

OnlineSurveys screen capture showing how to download submitted responses as a PDF

To download the PDF then click on the 'Download as PDF' button at the top of the Responses screen as shown in the image below.

OnlineSurveys image capture showing how to download final submitted answers as a PDF step 2

3. Upload the PDF as your CV when applying.


Example Clinical/Non-Clinical CVs with details of what to include

 Non-clinical CV with suggested answer formats

 Clinical CV with suggested answer formats


Each of the sections listed below has a character limit;

Pre-University Education [400 character limit]

University Education [2500 character limit]

Professional qualification [2500 character limit]

Employment [2000 character limit]

Research Experience [4000 character limit]

Publications, Preprints and Presentations [4000 character limit]

Skills and Interests  [2000 character limit]

Other  [1000 character limit]

If you exceed the limit the character limit is highlighted in red as shown in the image below.

OnlineSurveys answer too long for character limit

Please note that counts paragraph returns as character which some packages like Microsoft Word do not so if you are very close to the character limit this might be why you are seeing the error.

If you require assistance with the form please contact